Want to captivate your book’s audience, but need guidance on the right techniques to summon the storyteller within? Learn the anatomy of story, guided by a New York Times best-selling author or learn the mastery of voice from a seasoned book editor.

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Identify your unique writing voice.

Finding Your Voice 
with Paul Pastor

Writing is about connection—letting readers hear your true voice. But how do you know what you sound like on the page? Uncover key elements of your written voice and start building a connection to your readers. Our clarifying principles and practical exercises will give you a new confidence in your writing. A strong, unique voice makes your writing stand out. We will help you find it!


Finding Your Voice
will help you:

  • Learn the key elements that shape written voice.
  • Hear what great writing sounds like as you write it.
  • Use real exercises from an award-winning writer, editor, and author.
  • Articulate what makes your voice unique.
  • Eliminate key hang-ups that block good writing.


Learn the fundamentals of great storytelling.

The Open Doorway 
with Craig Borlase

For your writing to have lasting impact, you need to go deep. And nothing goes as deep as a good story.There’s a reason why Jesus spoke in parables and Spielberg unpacks history the way he does: storytelling creates deep, lasting connections with people. Storytelling invites the reader in. The same is said of writers. These simple tools of scene and setting, character and moments, nurture within readers emotional experiences that can fundamentally reshape how they see the world. “The Open Doorway” explores the how and the why of storytelling, inviting you to take your readers deeper.  


The Open Doorway will help you:

  • Learn the fundamentals of great writing from a New York Times best-selling memorist.
  • Discover the anatomy of storytelling (the secret of the best writers).
  • Employ real writing techniques that will elevate the quality of your prose.
  • Overcome the creative roadblocks keeping you from your best writing.
  • Appreciate the simplicity behind what makes storytelling so effective.