Your target reader is bombarded with visual messages. Make sure your book cover rises above the noise.

In the past, the relationship with the reader started when they picked up the book. Given the environment we are in now, it is essential we engage earlier to better understand who they are and how they express what matters to them. We believe allowing the reader to speak into the publishing process, we are better equipped to share the important messages and stories we publish with as many people as possible.
— Stacey Altemari | Sr. Manager, Consumer Insight, Marketing | Harper Collins

Target Reader Cover Survey™ (TRCS)

When you use the Target Reader Cover Survey, you will know that your cover resonates with the readers in your target audience.

After reviewing each cover, the target reader ranks them in order of preference and then rates how strong each cover is. Respondents also have an opportunity to give feedback on their top choice.

Publisher or author may add up to three qualitative questions for the participants in the survey.


  • Full report within seven days

  • Guaranteed 350 Responses

Total Investment: $550