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written by Heather Holleman


Heather Holleman, PhD is a popular speaker, teacher, and writer. She teaches Advanced Writing and Freshman Composition at Penn State. Heather is a graduate of the University of Virginia and also received her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan where she studied the psychology of emotion, intimacy, and shame. She explores and writes on overlooked and unusual verbs in scripture in addition to writing novels. She blogs daily at Live with Flair and runs various community outreach programs including a Walk to School campaign. Heather's husband, Ashley, serves as the Executive Director of Graduate Student Ministry for Cru. They have two radiant daughters.


What techniques separate the average writers from the exceptional ones? Learn to immediately improve your writing in three easy steps that will forever enhance your craft. Seasoned writing instructor, Dr. Heather Holleman, reveals the simple and proven strategy she uses in her advanced writing classrooms to transform boring and bland prose to irresistible sentences that truly connect to readers. Start here with this free resource to sharpen your writing skills quickly and easily.

With this coveted list of analytical verbs, Dr. Heather Holleman challenges writers to never again use verbs that lack emotion and images for the reader. With this list of verbs, you’ll improve your vocabulary, build credibility as an intelligent writer, and signal to your reader what you want them to see and feel in every sentence. The verb engines your sentence. It directs the reader like no other word. Use this free resource to eliminate every weak verb and make your sentences shimmer.