Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Where do I start?

Every author is in a different place. If you are still in the writing process you may want to begin with the Reader-Centricity™ Discovery Process.

Why is it important to have a proposal? Can’t I just send my manuscript to a publisher or agent? 

Standard industry protocol, for both agents and publishers, is to send in a proposal along with sample chapters. A well constructed proposal puts authors on a level playing field with other author’s agents are considering for representation. Acquisition editors often complain of proposal fatigue, so not only is a proposal 100% necessary, but it needs to be well crafted to catch their eye. That’s where AuthorTalk™ comes in.

Why do I have only “one chance to make a great first impression”?

Publishers and agents are inundated with book proposals and manuscripts so you need to craft a proposal and writing sample that will catch the eye of a publisher or agent. There is rarely a second chance to send a proposal to a publisher once it has been rejected. 

How is this service any different than other proposal services I’ve seen?

AuthorTalk ™ is supported by a team of professionals with over 80 years of combined experience in the Christian publishing industry. A seasoned literary agent will professionally critique your proposal who most likely has additional experience in publishing, marketing, editing and more. The amount of experience behind each proposal critique and personal consultation will assure you that you will receive cutting edge information, practical tools and industry insights while being encouraged to development a strong proposal you can be proud of. 

How is this price comparable to other proposal services?

Some proposal services are comparable and some a bit cheaper but you really do get what you pay for. You will be working with a seasoned literary agent, not just a writer who crafts proposals. These experts work in the industry and know what publishers and agents are really looking for. Coupled with a written critique of your proposal, very few services offer a personal phone consultation with a literary agent. 

How important is the phone consultation? What things can I ask? Will we review the agent’s critique?

In this digital age, nothing is more comforting than speaking with someone directly, especially on such an important and personal matter as your book. This is your chance to speak one-on-one to an industry professional about your book proposal, the critique and the book industry in general.

How important is it to have the final edit of the Premier Plus Service be a part of the process?

We believe it is important that your sample writing meets the same professional quality as your book proposal. This is the final part of the proposal and you'll want publishers and agents to see your best work there.

How important is the Reader Centricity™  Service? Isn’t it enough to just fill in the blanks in the proposal regarding the Target Market? Won’t it appeal to everyone?

It's very important.

One thing our experience in publishing has taught us, is that it’s hard to get authors to drill down to their target reader. The temptation is to include every type of reader you can think of that your book might possibly appeal to. Publishers value authors who understand that pursuing an idealized reader market segment is not nearly as valuable as an author who really knows their target reader.  Authors who have invested in the hard work of discovering and articulating a specific target reader to focus marketing efforts on demonstrates they are serious about their message.

Keep your questions coming!